STGS : a SME serving...

Local authorities,

Based in Avranches near the Mont Saint Michel, STGS has been helping local authorities STGS in the management of their water and sanitation services since 1991.

We have centers in Upper and Lower Normandy, the Loire Valley, the Centre region and Brittany: this allows us to be present throughout the West of France, closest to the elect, to better meet customer needs.

As a human scaled SME, we do adapt our offers to the needs of our customers, assuring the availability and personalised service you would expect from a smaller company.

Our teams (175 people), our technical resources (asset management, GIS, modeling, supervision), our services to the client (personalised welcome, information, service commitments, payment methods diversity) allow local authorities to serenely delegate their public services.
Finally, the synergy within the STURNO corporate group allows us to take advantage of a 80 years experience from our parent company to complete our technical and human devices in the event of an exceptional need.

industrial businesses,

STGS also provides its expertise and technical and human resources to the needs of industrial and commercial customers.

We for example frequently work as part of networks or private facilities:  

  • the design, sizing and execution of installations and networks,
  • their maintenance and management,
  • the implementation of self-monitoring equipment and automation,
  • repair of breakages on networks,
  • or the cleaning or emptying of specific facilities.

and private individuals

STGS can also respond to private individuals, in the context of public service delegations or special needs :
  • water and sewage connections
  • septic tank emptying
  • etc.

For any questions about your water and wastewater contract or for a scpetic tank draining, you can join us at +33 233 794 679.


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